and in cutting-edge projects

Dair takes part in some of the most important projects in the world with regard to high-speed lines, developing the best technology in order to enable their implementation.

We reduce time, and connect cities and people.

Railway projects require being proficient in planning the works, which includes having accurate knowledge of the land relief, and examining population mobility flow patterns and the socio-economic variables of the project and its impact.

For this reason, we develop engineering work for all types of railway construction meeting the criteria for global intelligence, meticulousness and optimum socio-economic conditions. We are especially recognised for our work in:

High-speed lines
Railway lines
Duplication and modification of current tracks


Strategic and preliminary surveys.
Civil engineering surveys (tunnels, earth movement...)
Railway track surveys (alignment, structure and superstructure)
Construction projects.
Works management.

We do not refer to constructing.
We refer to connecting worlds and people on a safe, convenient, sustainable and profitable basis.